Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This movie made me rethink my previous statement that the plot of the movie doesn’t matter as long as it looks good. At times, this movie looks good. Very good. It looks like it has been lit by 1,000,000 candles, which creates a beautiful ambiance. The enormous stately home that belonged to the deceased Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas) is absolutely fabulous. Matthew McConaughey’s character is a photographer – great job! Even with all of this and exquisite bookshelves, this is a terrible movie.

Matthew McConaughey – gorgeous body (face, enh!). Jennifer Garner – always lovely. Michael Douglas – thank goodness he wears sunglasses much of the time (without them…frightful!).

Now here is something that absolutely destroys the look of any movie – urination. There is a scene where Matthew McConaughey is in this beautiful bathroom washing his face when his deceased Uncle Wayne appears…urinating. No one needs to see the reality of people urinating – especially in movies. Yuck!


Gorgeous lighting!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Lies Beneath Review

Another of my absolute favourites…What Lies Beneath. Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) and husband Norman (Harrison Ford) live in an absolutely gorgeous house on the lake. Who could ask for anything more? Every part of this house is stunning. The home office is filled with dark wood bookshelves and a solid wooden desk that would make anyone feel smart if they sat at it. Not to mention the view of the lake that can be seen from this room.

The bathroom is decorated all in white and makes you feel clean just looking at it. Really, I would never leave this room if I lived there and I would NEVER allow dirty guests use it.

The bedroom, don’t even get me started…window seats (not just any window seats—you need to rent this movie to believe these window seats), so much space, great choice of wall color, and the bed is large enough to make any marriage successful. My only criticism of the bedroom is that the lamps are floral…I’m not a fan of most floral prints.

The view of the house next door is not as nice as their house—kind of grey and weathered looking—a big disappointment. If I were Claire and Norman, I would be getting lawyers involved to get that eye-sore torn down. The scene shot on the dock with the house overlooking the dock is absolutely divine. Please, let me spend at least one night in a house like this. I read on IMDb that the house was torn down after filming because it didn’t meet building codes or something—this, my friends, is a tragedy.

Michelle Pfeiffer—gorgeous. Really, is she ever not? Harrison Ford—handsome. So he ends up being a murderer, but at least he looks good while he does it.

Another awesome aspect of this movie is that their neighbor is the head of a psychology department—I would love to be the head of a psychology department. Also, Claire is a cellist, that is really cool—I would love to be a cellist.

Seance scene in the bathroom (be careful,
you wouldn't want to invite demons
in to destroy that beautiful house).

Why so glum, Claire? Look at that gorgeous
bathroom you're in.

Q: Why does Claire look so frightened?
A: The grey eye-sore next door.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zombieland Review

First of all, let me say that I went to this movie to be nice to my husband. There is nothing about zombies that is esthetically pleasing, unless you are deeply disturbed.

That being said, there were a couple of things in this movie that were nice to look at. The actor who has a cameo in this movie has a gorgeous home complete with a private movie theatre. A little too much gold at times, but I wouldn’t refuse the chance to board there. Secondly, there is a segment that takes place at an amusement park which is ever-so-beautifully lit at night and it takes you back to a happy time of teenage romance at the fair.

However, because zombies are always getting their blood and guts all over everything, this ruins the ambiance. And zombies always get blood all over the furniture and blood stains are impossible to get out. They also smash beautiful things up, because they don’t care about how things look; their only concern is to find brains or human flesh to eat.

I have to say that Woody Harrelson looks pretty good in the first few scenes, but then the snakeskin comes out and it is game-over.

Snakeskin-No thank you.

Black leather-Yes, please.

Friday, October 9, 2009

You've Got Mail Review

One of THE best esthetically-pleasing movies. Plot? Whatever! I myself, turn off the movie when Meg Ryan’s character closes her family store. It is the end of the store footage and other things I like to look at in this movie, so then it is time to end a good thing.

Meg Ryan is absolutely cute, as she is pre-mega lips. Her hair and wardrobe—absolutely fabulous. Now Tom Hanks as the romantic lead…enh! Not who I would have cast, but he is likeable in a cute sort of way and also well-dressed. Greg Kinnear is Meg’s live-in boyfriend. Greg Kinnear is always a good choice in a romantic comedy. I could look at him for hours…

The setting—fall in New York—just breath-taking. Kathleen Kelly’s (Meg Ryan) apartment—gorgeous built-in bookshelves, great desk and very inviting dining area. The bedspread—a few too many flowers for my taste but who can complain with those bookshelves. The outside of the brownstone is also lovely. (Who wouldn’t want to look out their window at that place everyday? And maybe even look inside when their blinds are open and the lights are on at night.)

The party that Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) both attend where Kathleen realizes that Joe is Joe Fox of Fox Books, is held in a warehouse-type apartment with more great bookshelves and “to die for” brick walls. (Is there anything more fabulous than brick walls?) One day I will have a place with brick walls…

Now the finest part of this whole movie is definitely Kathleen Kelly’s store—The Shop Around the Corner. Beautiful wood bookshelves, wood counter-top, flowers by the cash register, wood door frame, well-painted, brick on the outer walls, and framed posters. Everything placed so exact, creating a warm feeling with not much clutter. And it looks so clean. Oh yeah! At Christmas they decorate and she hangs mini-lights—just lovely. I would work there every day…WITHOUT pay!

See it and be taken away to a life you would rather be living with beautiful things surrounding you.

Apparently this movie is a remake of some black and white movie called The Shop Around the Corner. I won’t see it.

Cute Meg with cute haircut in lovely shop with twinkle lights.

Is this Blog for You?

For some people, their favourite film is Casablanca; for others it is Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane…maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mine may just be You’ve Got Mail…or maybe What Lies Beneath.

I love movies, and many of my favourites I’ll watch time and time again…but usually not for the story, acting or directing. For me it’s all about the look—not necessarily the cinematography, but the locations, furniture, architecture, interior design and how…well…good looking the actors are (and well dressed with good hairstyles – very important!).

Basically I watch movies for superficial reasons. If a movie doesn’t look good–and the people in it aren’t attractive—why watch it?

If you are looking for thoughtful, analytical reviews of art-house films—this site is NOT for you. But if you want to know if Meg Ryan’s character lives in a nice apartment and has a good hairstyle, then read on!

I have no background in film or film studies…no real experience reviewing movies…but I do watch a lot of movies , sometimes three to four a week (of course, it’s often the same one…because it has nice bookshelves).

I also don’t usually read reviews. Why should I? They never talk about the important things. Who cares about the themes? I want to know if I want to live in it.

So, for people like me, I will review movies here based on criteria that other reviewers may not write about—hairstyles, apartments, houses, nice locations, furniture, good looking people and lighting (not technically…just if it looks nice).

If a certain actor has let himself go, I will warn you! If the main character lives in an apartment that would make you want to commit suicide, I will warn you! If it looks too realistic in any way, I will warn you! (Who wants to go to a movie to see their own life ?)