Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This movie made me rethink my previous statement that the plot of the movie doesn’t matter as long as it looks good. At times, this movie looks good. Very good. It looks like it has been lit by 1,000,000 candles, which creates a beautiful ambiance. The enormous stately home that belonged to the deceased Uncle Wayne (Michael Douglas) is absolutely fabulous. Matthew McConaughey’s character is a photographer – great job! Even with all of this and exquisite bookshelves, this is a terrible movie.

Matthew McConaughey – gorgeous body (face, enh!). Jennifer Garner – always lovely. Michael Douglas – thank goodness he wears sunglasses much of the time (without them…frightful!).

Now here is something that absolutely destroys the look of any movie – urination. There is a scene where Matthew McConaughey is in this beautiful bathroom washing his face when his deceased Uncle Wayne appears…urinating. No one needs to see the reality of people urinating – especially in movies. Yuck!


Gorgeous lighting!

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