Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Serious Man Review

Going to see A Serious Man was a serious mistake. There is nothing nice to look at in this movie. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing – there is beautiful snow quietly falling in the opening scene. Other than that, P-U! The lead character has a sibling who is constantly suctioning some sort of cyst on the back of his neck. Disgusting. Why, why, why put this in a movie? Bringing your audience to the verge of vomiting is not good form.

If the lead character would lose his glasses and wear longer pants, he could be quite attractive.

I would not want to live in this movie. If you did want to live in this movie, you would have to have some reason for hating yourself. REALLY hating yourself. This movie will make you profoundly sad if you put yourself in the lead character’s shoes. No thank you.

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