Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Box Review

I was duped by the trailer. I didn’t know this movie was set in the ’70s. The trailer made it look like it would be a beautiful, esthetically-pleasing movie. Seventies décor ruins any good film.

The opening scenes were of a dark bedroom, so you couldn’t quite see the décor and then there was a scene of a gorgeous banister decorated with evergreen garland for Christmas. Lovely Christmas decorations always add to a movie’s quality.

The outdoor scenes are gorgeous. There are colorful fall leaves on the trees with snow falling in the early scenes. Later in the film there are gorgeous scenes of homes with crisp Christmassy backgrounds. The outside view of the house is absolutely inviting. The inside of the house with the seventies wallpaper—revolting.

Movies filmed in Massachusetts, USA always look nice. Why didn’t they just set the movie in 2000 or later?

Revolting wallpaper

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