Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Conjuring

Okay. Firstly, The Conjuring is a 70's period piece. How can one possibly give a good review based on aesthetics in that decade? Putrid curtains, hideous wallpaper and revolting knickknacks. The structure of the house is an okay canvas and the property is located on a gorgeous river with a dock. Who doesn’t love a dock? However, the place is full of demonic spirits. What would anyone want with that place? Demons always have a way of messing up beautiful homes – smashing things, turning things upside down, scattering your clean, folded laundry and creating a rotting meat scent. Not a wise purchase on anyone’s part.
Now, there is one saving grace in this movie – the handsome, ever-pleasing Patrick Wilson. Not enough movies are made with this beautiful man in them. One if the opening scenes has a close up of his face where you can do nothing but stare at his welcoming, kissable lips. What a great way to hook ones interest and put aside all the other unappealing visuals.
The  movie is filled with the ghastly fashion of the 70's, so not really a lot of skin being shown. However, Patrick Wilson's character sports those tight, clingy polyester pants, which, can be delightfully all is forgiven wardrobe department.
Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson): Can we do it again?
Any smart woman: Yes we can. Again and again and again…