Monday, February 21, 2011

Academy Awards Predicitons - Best Picture

Black Swan
I really liked the look of this movie. Great lighting, gorgeous dancers, handsome choreographer, beautiful dancing, fabulous dance studios. To an extent I would love to live in this movie. In another lifetime, I would love to be a ballet dancer.
Now for the down sides of this movie – yucky skin peeling scenes, crazy mother, a bedroom filled with stuffed animals. Any movie that has stuffed animals in a fully-grown woman’s room cannot win an Oscar.

The Fighter
Hot, sizzling Mark Wahlberg. He is fine enough to single-handedly inspire an Oscar win. However, the hideous homes, crack-house, stinky gym, creepy sisters and bad wardrobes all around. Sorry, no Oscar.

Great looking men in this movie (with the exception of the creeeeepy Cillian Murphy), however their haircuts were dreadful. No award.

The Kids Are All Right
I liked this movie, but I was very disappointed in the look of Julianne Moore and Annette Bening – too realistic. They did, however, have a gorgeous house and an immaculate bathroom. Mark Ruffalo is what tips the scale though. He is NOT an attractive man and destroys any chance of this movie being the winner.

127 Hours
I am a fan of James Franco. The movie was a true inspiration. I liked the scenery in the canyon. But, deserts are hot and dusty. I see nothing beautiful in cutting off your own arm, and I did not enjoy the urine-drinking scenes. Sorry, no Oscar.

Toy Story 3
The three-eyed aliens are cute. I have no desire to live in an animated world. No award.

True Grit
A western. I won’t see it. No prize.

The Social Network
I did enjoy the lighting in this movie. I would want to live in this movie as long as I could avoid all of the technology geeks. This, however, seems unavoidable so I have to say no trophy.

Winter’s Bone
This movie is surrounded with an aura of misery. It does not look remotely nice to look at and I know I would not want to live in it. I won’t see it any time soon. No thank you and no award.

The King’s Speech
I always love a gorgeous period piece. This movie was beautiful to look at in many senses. And, of course, the dashing Colin Firth. I would love to live in this movie and give some speech therapy to Colin using highly unconventional methods. This is my 2011 Academy Award prediction for Best Picture.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rite Review

Bella, bella Italia! Once again, Italy delivers on the spectacular filming locations. Cobblestone roads, marble pillars, and classic architecture. The lighting in this film is quite pleasant. I could have done without the mortuary scenes, not very pleasing to view, but I suppose essential for plot lines. Father Lucas’ (Anthony Hopkins) home does not look very appealing and looks like it would smell absolutely revolting. However, with much cleaning and some renovating could be a great place to live.

Much can be said for lead actor Colin O’Donoghue. His breath-taking blue eyes are offset by his dark locks. I have to say he looks really fine with his Roman collar as well. Must be something about that whole “unavailable” thing. All I can say is that if he were my priest, I would be at church every Sunday.

I have to say he is pretty much the only eye-candy in this movie. Anthony Hopkins-creeeeepy. And sorry boys - not really a lot of attractive ladies in this film. However, Alice Braga does have a sexy, sultry voice.

I would love an opportunity to live in Rome for two months to study exorcism. The demonic possession, however, no thank you. It is certainly not good for the soul and does terrible things to the skin and spine.


Forgive me, Father...but
you are HOT!