Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Complicated

I cannot say enough about how gorgeous the houses are in this movie. Great bookshelves, furniture and home accessories abound! A definite must see for the lover of beautiful architecture and design. From the houses, to the bakery Meryl Streep’s character owns, to the hotel rooms to the gardens – wow, wow, wow. Plenty of mini-lights at parties, gracing outdoor patios.

One downside, not much eye-candy for the under 50 crowd, but with all those gorgeous homes, who cares? As for nice clothing, there is also not much for the under 50 crowd either.

I would love to live in any of the homes in this movie. I would love Meryl Streep’s character’s life since she owns her own bakery (I would love my own business). I would also love Steve Martin’s character’s life as I would love to be an architect.

See it. You won’t be disappointed.

Mini-lights-Partay time!


  1. Not much eye candy? Indeed. Yuck. Good thing that guy from "the office" saved the movie.

  2. How about "Nine"? Now 'there' is some eye candy. Mr. Lewis does not fail.
    : )