Sunday, January 3, 2010

Up in the Air Review

Who can complain about looking at the handsome George Clooney for almost 2 hours? Certainly not me or any other female with a pulse. And what is more gorgeous than a man in a suit? THIS lovely man in a suit. He even sports a classic three-quarter length winter coat in some scenes. Breath-taking. On the downside, the clothes Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) wears during his casual time are not very exciting. I would have loved to see him in some jeans on occasion and in some shirts that weren’t such drab colors. However, when you see him tucked under the sheets with his chest exposed, you forget about any desire to see nice clothing.

Jason Bateman, who is also a great-looking guy, is in this movie as well. However, I hate to inform you that he is quite scruffy with a mild beard of sorts. Disappointing.

Vera Farmiga is just gorgeous in this movie – especially when she is out of the business attire. I must say women’s business is very dull on the big screen. Poor Vera and co-star Anna Kendrick look like flight attendants throughout most of the film.

Most of the hotel rooms that Ryan Bingham visits in this movie are quite lovely. However, the one in the town where his sister is getting married is somewhat revolting.

Ryan’s apartment will absolutely make you want to kill yourself. The first time we see it he pushes aside an accordion wall. Is there anything more sad than an accordion wall in your home? No wonder he never wants to be there.

There are some definite upsides to the life that Ryan leads (aside from his apartment choice) and therefore I can see wanting to live his life. Money, travel, a possible book deal, motivational speaking and, of course, looking so fine. The HUGE downside to me would be the constant fear of beg bugs. That would be too worrisome to be able to sustain his lifestyle.

One thing that left me curious was how Ryan and his sisters, especially the older one, were from the same gene pool. See it and you’ll know what I mean.

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