Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zombieland Review

First of all, let me say that I went to this movie to be nice to my husband. There is nothing about zombies that is esthetically pleasing, unless you are deeply disturbed.

That being said, there were a couple of things in this movie that were nice to look at. The actor who has a cameo in this movie has a gorgeous home complete with a private movie theatre. A little too much gold at times, but I wouldn’t refuse the chance to board there. Secondly, there is a segment that takes place at an amusement park which is ever-so-beautifully lit at night and it takes you back to a happy time of teenage romance at the fair.

However, because zombies are always getting their blood and guts all over everything, this ruins the ambiance. And zombies always get blood all over the furniture and blood stains are impossible to get out. They also smash beautiful things up, because they don’t care about how things look; their only concern is to find brains or human flesh to eat.

I have to say that Woody Harrelson looks pretty good in the first few scenes, but then the snakeskin comes out and it is game-over.

Snakeskin-No thank you.

Black leather-Yes, please.


  1. Hey, I would live in Zombieland. No humans? Count me in! That's the best accent piece I can imagine. Well, you look at the pretty furniture while I prepare my Zombie Survival Plan...