Friday, October 9, 2009

You've Got Mail Review

One of THE best esthetically-pleasing movies. Plot? Whatever! I myself, turn off the movie when Meg Ryan’s character closes her family store. It is the end of the store footage and other things I like to look at in this movie, so then it is time to end a good thing.

Meg Ryan is absolutely cute, as she is pre-mega lips. Her hair and wardrobe—absolutely fabulous. Now Tom Hanks as the romantic lead…enh! Not who I would have cast, but he is likeable in a cute sort of way and also well-dressed. Greg Kinnear is Meg’s live-in boyfriend. Greg Kinnear is always a good choice in a romantic comedy. I could look at him for hours…

The setting—fall in New York—just breath-taking. Kathleen Kelly’s (Meg Ryan) apartment—gorgeous built-in bookshelves, great desk and very inviting dining area. The bedspread—a few too many flowers for my taste but who can complain with those bookshelves. The outside of the brownstone is also lovely. (Who wouldn’t want to look out their window at that place everyday? And maybe even look inside when their blinds are open and the lights are on at night.)

The party that Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) both attend where Kathleen realizes that Joe is Joe Fox of Fox Books, is held in a warehouse-type apartment with more great bookshelves and “to die for” brick walls. (Is there anything more fabulous than brick walls?) One day I will have a place with brick walls…

Now the finest part of this whole movie is definitely Kathleen Kelly’s store—The Shop Around the Corner. Beautiful wood bookshelves, wood counter-top, flowers by the cash register, wood door frame, well-painted, brick on the outer walls, and framed posters. Everything placed so exact, creating a warm feeling with not much clutter. And it looks so clean. Oh yeah! At Christmas they decorate and she hangs mini-lights—just lovely. I would work there every day…WITHOUT pay!

See it and be taken away to a life you would rather be living with beautiful things surrounding you.

Apparently this movie is a remake of some black and white movie called The Shop Around the Corner. I won’t see it.

Cute Meg with cute haircut in lovely shop with twinkle lights.


  1. Greg Kinnear? Greg Kinnear? He is so yucky!

  2. BTW, I hated Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You've got mail. When they were well dressed, attractive, and in love seeing them together mad me feel inadequate about my own looks, relationship and possessions. Now she has mega lips, and is getting older I can look at her and think - I'm quite a bit younger than her and I don't have mega lips. I must be kind of superior to her.

  3. I agree Leon. I have my youth, and I am not plastic!