Friday, October 9, 2009

Is this Blog for You?

For some people, their favourite film is Casablanca; for others it is Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane…maybe 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mine may just be You’ve Got Mail…or maybe What Lies Beneath.

I love movies, and many of my favourites I’ll watch time and time again…but usually not for the story, acting or directing. For me it’s all about the look—not necessarily the cinematography, but the locations, furniture, architecture, interior design and how…well…good looking the actors are (and well dressed with good hairstyles – very important!).

Basically I watch movies for superficial reasons. If a movie doesn’t look good–and the people in it aren’t attractive—why watch it?

If you are looking for thoughtful, analytical reviews of art-house films—this site is NOT for you. But if you want to know if Meg Ryan’s character lives in a nice apartment and has a good hairstyle, then read on!

I have no background in film or film studies…no real experience reviewing movies…but I do watch a lot of movies , sometimes three to four a week (of course, it’s often the same one…because it has nice bookshelves).

I also don’t usually read reviews. Why should I? They never talk about the important things. Who cares about the themes? I want to know if I want to live in it.

So, for people like me, I will review movies here based on criteria that other reviewers may not write about—hairstyles, apartments, houses, nice locations, furniture, good looking people and lighting (not technically…just if it looks nice).

If a certain actor has let himself go, I will warn you! If the main character lives in an apartment that would make you want to commit suicide, I will warn you! If it looks too realistic in any way, I will warn you! (Who wants to go to a movie to see their own life ?)

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  1. Love your blog!
    I am superficial about movies too, and I may start my own anti-blog to yours. The difference is that I like movies with boring, plain or substandard furniture and architecture that is aesthetically revolting, or has hideous looking actors. Ugly, squalid things make me feel sort of superior to the characters in the movie.

    What's the point of watching a movie if you can't feel like you'd be condescending to the chracters who live in it?