Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Titanic Review

This is one of the first films that began my love with the aesthetics of movies.

Blah, blah, blah - the discovery of the ship. The first 20 or 25 minutes could have been cut. The good stuff comes into play when they are on the ship. That’s when the gorgeous people, costumes, d├ęcor, lighting and a great musical score (which always adds that extra element of beauty to any movie) come in. Even if I had to go down with the ship, I would want to live in this movie.

Kate Winslet is the most beautiful she has ever been in this movie. From her full, wavy red hair to her meticulously applied make-up, she is spectacular. If I got a chance to wear any of the dresses that Rose (Kate Winslet) wears in this movie, I would die a happy woman. My personal favorite is the one she is wearing at the top of the stairs when Jack (Leonardo DeCaprio) is waiting for her at the bottom. The night that Jack convinces Rose not to jump off the side of the ship, his reasoning should have included the fact that she would be destroying a stunning dress! For this reason, this is the most tension-filled moment in Titanic. Also, the blue velvet dress from the “king of the world” scene is very lovely.

The men in this movie in their tuxedos…heaven! There is the handsome Cal (Billy Zane) with his dark mysterious eyes (pity he is such an abusive jerk), and the dashing Thomas (Victor Garber)…and really all the men because they look so spiffy in tuxedos.

And, is there anything sexier than having your nude portrait sketched by a gorgeous man? The answer here is no. This is by far one of the most erotic scenes in any movie to date.

The off-putting thing, however, is that Leonardo DeCaprio looks like he is 16 and Kate Winslet looks like she is at least 20. The scene in the car where she is lying in his arms is particularly unsettling. At one point in the movie Jack says, “I’ve been on my own since I was 15.” Was that a year ago?

Stunning Dress, Spiffy Tuxedo


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