Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nights in Rodanthe Review

I had such high hopes for this movie when I saw the trailer two years ago. It looked like a movie filled with gorgeous people (Richard Gere and Diane Lane) and breath-taking surroundings. A house on the beach - who could ask for anything more? Also, the theme of getting divorced - what married person, happy or not, doesn’t fantasize about getting divorced and being carefree? At least for a weekend. Especially when you get to have a fling with Richard Gere or Diane Lane for that matter (she makes 40 look like the new 25, now if only she could change her character from movie to movie).

For the most part it did not disappoint. Richard Gere was as handsome in his tortured way (he is the EMO of the over-forty crowd minus the black clothing). Diane Lane was beautiful, though her clothing could have been improved upon. However, the wallpaper in Richard Gere’s house - oh my goodness! Revolting is too mild a word for that debacle. No wonder the guy left. Also, the beach house was a little too cluttered for me - however, the artist studio was absolutely magnificent. It would inspire anyone to create masterpieces.


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