Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shutter Island Review

This movie was beautiful to look at except, of course, for the creepy patients and their sad accommodations. The landscape and scenery was breath-taking. If I need to go to an institution to get that kind of view then lock me up! I also love all of the rain. Who wants sunshine when you can have clouds and rain – divine.

Of course, as I have mentioned in previous reviews, I would love to be a psychiatrist and if I could live in the place that Ben Kingsley’s character lives in this movie that is an added bonus. I want to have cigars and drinks in that gorgeous house. And the bookshelves in this movie…To. Die. For.

One of the central appeals of the film – the handsome Leonardo DeCaprio. To me, there has always been something off-putting about Mark Ruffalo , however, he does look better with a fedora. Every time I look at him though, I can’t help thinking that he’d have bad breath. Love those 1950’s suits, but those hideous ties! Hideous. To my surprise, the awfulness of the tie is addressed in the movie.

Mr. Scorsese does a good job of making tragedy look pretty.

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