Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nine Review

The preview of this movie is gorgeous and the movie itself is equally as attractive (I hate it when you are tricked by lovely trailers for hideous-looking movies). I loved the dazzling costumes, spiffy cars, exquisite architecture and dimly-lit places. Being a fan of musicals, I appreciated the dancing and choreography which make a movie look absolutely stunning.

Daniel Day Lewis was quite handsome, and there were many pretty ladies in this film as well. I have heard talk that Nicole Kidman was very botox-enhanced in this movie, but I felt she looked quite lovely. Everyone just looked so clean. In reality, of course, this would not have been the case (given all the cigarette smoke and body odor that was probably associated with Felini’s life). However, this was why I enjoyed this movie – it left reality aside and focused on making things look phenomenal.

WARNING: The jarring images of Sophia Loren, were a frightening distraction. I believe that her very appearance should classify this movie as a horror flick.

Sophia Loren in Nine; Linda Blair in The Exorcist-Can you see a difference?


  1. Every woman should strive to look like Sophia Loren (70+ years). She is naturally beautiful even if she has had a tweak here and there. As for Daniel Day Lewis, he is hot! Well worth seeing again. Solely for him!

  2. Yeah I agree she looks great for her age although maybe a bit distracting next to ladies like Marion, Kate and Nicole. Overall a pretty good movie.

    Gotta say I like your style. Its not often I see a movie review where instead of focusing on the movie itself rather opting instead to focus on the look. Sometimes we forget to look

    I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Keep up the good work
    -The Movie Encyclopedia