Friday, January 22, 2010

Avatar Review

The 3-D version of this movie is quite striking when you first see it on the big screen. The waterfalls and foliage were just breath-taking. However, the ooo-ahhh factor wears off after about 20 minutes. I am all for escapism, but I do like a movie to be based in the real world so I can dream of living in it one day. The genre of fantasy is not for me unless that fantasy includes built-in bookshelves and a handsome non-blue, non-tail-bearing man who wears nice clothes.

The bodies on the Avatars were mouth-wateringly yummy. However, their faces are not nice to look at and the fact that they are blue and sport TAILS - yuck! Tails on any sort of human-like figure are off-putting. I am definitely not a fan of the half-animal/half-human at all. Centaurs and “Goat Boy” from the old Saturday Night Live sketches make me want to become physically ill. They are VILE!

I do like the idea of having an opportunity to experience life through an artificial body, however, I would not sport a tail.

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