Monday, May 21, 2012

The Vow

Okay.  Here’s the thing-this movie’s plot is seriously flawed.  You wake up from a coma and you find out you are married to Channing Tatum and you are reluctant to go home with him?  Really?  I would be jumping out of that hospital bed, ripping out the I.V. myself, hailing a taxi and tipping the driver for getting me home as fast as he could so we could re-consummate our marriage. 

This movie was fantastic to look at.  Tatum and McAdams are both gorgeous leads.  The scenes with the snow falling are breathtaking.  Chicago is always a magnificent backdrop for any film.  My only beef is with the aesthetics of the movie is with their apartment.  Structurally nice, but too cluttered and messy and could have used much nicer furniture and a good paint job. 

Definitely worth seeing.  I would want to live in this film.  And here’s a spoiler for you-you get to see many of Tatum’s finest features in their unclothed glory!  Is there any better reason to see a film?

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  1. Love your description. I am pretty sure the movie is too sappy for a woman my age, but I agree Chicago is always lookin' good.