Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Something Borrowed Review

What a splendidly unrealistic film! The whole ambiance of the movie is sensual. Lovely restaurants, great lighting, gorgeous people. What more does a movie need?

I am a bit concerned that Ginnifer Goodwin is being type-cast as the girl with poor decorating taste. In He’s Just Not That Into You she had the frilly, little-girly type decorating style and I would have to say that in this movie her d├ęcor is only a smidgen better. Magnificent apartment with brick interior, nice kitchen (although the stove looked dated), pillars, lovely winding staircase with a nice roof-top area perfect for some sexy time. But sadly, too many florals and a criss-cross woven rocking chair? No thanks. I think a lawyer could afford nicer furnishings (or could hire a decorator at least). That apartment was a superb canvas left to be painted by an unskilled artist.

Now for the other goods. My, my, my Colin Egglesfield. What a fabulous specimen. I love the look of a man in a suit and even more, the slightly undone tie that gives rise to, “Come help me undo this tie and…” Okay, focus. I have not seen him in any other movies so far, but will be keeping my eyes open. Ginnifer Goodwin is cute and lovely in contrast to the sexy, vixen character Darcy played by Kate Hudson. John Krasinski is charming and funny, but does not measure up in the eye candy department.

This movie has much of what this blog feels is important for movie viewing. It gives me comfort to know that movies are still being made about girls who are supposedly the less-attractive type when really they are drop-dead gorgeous. Screw the realism of Indie films and long live the Hollywood beautiful people RomCom!

Okay, this photo has nothing to do with the film, but it's just so fine.

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