Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love Review

I loved this movie. I have already been to the theatre to see it four times. So attractive to look at and YES, YES, YES, I want to live in this movie. The breath-taking views in Italy and Bali are just magnificent. I could do without India though; not so nice to look at. I’m just glad the movie was not in smell-o-vision for the India portion.

One plot point that I disagreed with was when she moved out of her house beginning of the movie when she decided to leave her husband. Either stay in the unhappy marriage for that bathroom, or ask him to move out! Speaking of spectacular homes, her friend’s house was enough to give me goose bumps. The scene when she is having a party - glorious. Then later when she has Liz (Julia Roberts) and her new beau over to their home for dinner-stunning. I would do pretty much anything to live in a place like that. Her home in Bali - please send me there. The place she rents in Italy isn’t as nice, but really who cares - she is in Italy. She can walk out the door and be engulfed by beauty.

Not only is this movie filled beautiful surroundings, gorgeous people are everywhere. Julia Roberts is just lovely. Her friend Sofi (Tuva Novotny) - a knock-out. And, oh my goodness, Giovanni (Luca Argentero). Wow. And, of course, the handsome, testosterone-oozing Javier Bardem as Felipe. The ex-husband, Stephen (Billy Crudup), was fairly handsome as well.

After weeks of waiting for something spectacular to see on the big screen over the summer months, Eat, Pray, Love fulfilled my every desire.

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